I invite you to walk with me (Kerstin Zettmar) to 25 Franklin Street Newport, RI. I will walk with you in the video above and to gallerie ellipsis. (By the way, I had no clue I take such long steps.) This is the last few days of my solo show" Through the Veil". My one of a kind fiber arts pieces(now known as Fibrations), and my oil paintings. We have planed a live event for a unique closing ceremony this Sunday(September 7, 2014). I look forward to seeing you all and answering any of your questions.

The gallery is run by Christine and her assistant, Monica. Stop by to say hello and if you do, please make sure to sign my guestbook! The following link will provide directions to the gallery. Thanks you.

Directions - to gallerie ellipisis.


Artist Kerstin Zettmar joins Mimi to explore how composition can be used to guide the eye into and through a painting. Kerstin works in a unique medium called fiber arts. For more examples of Kerstin's work please view her online: Link here Gallery