Art Opening
1:30 PM13:30

Art Opening

You are invited to attend an art opening with myself and the artist Christine Herron at Green Kettle Pond Visitor Center in Charlestown, RI Sunday June 7th 1pm to 3pm. The show will be up throughout the month of June.

Christine Herron is a southern Rhode Island artist who works with many materials. Her raku sculptures and vessels show her keen appreiation of natural forms which continually influence her work.

 The Kettle Pond Visitor Center is located at 50 Bend Road, directly off Route 1 in Charlestown, Rhode Island. Admission is free!

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" Accessing The Deep Well"
1:00 PM13:00

" Accessing The Deep Well"

This workshop will be mostly experiential. You will be guided in individual and partner exercises to explore touch, breath and the resonant presence found in Rosen Method Body/Soul work.. We will use tools from Expressive Art to give form and shape and color to what we encounter inside of ourselves and in our connection. (No, you do not have to be thinking of yourself as an artist to do this)You will be invited in a safe space to go deep within and also to have time to have fun and play.

For those of you not too familiar with what Rosen Method entails here is a brief description:

Rosen Method seeks to create more freedom in the body/mind, so we can move and breathe with more ease, and express our creativity, pain, joy and love more openly. Essentially - to be more fully alive. Over time, in response to external pressures, we often make adjustments to "fit in," or to survive. We continually reshape and adapt ourselves around circumstances, situations and our environment. This serves us very well in many ways. We can cut off from painful or difficult feelings or memories as a way of coping. However, a side effect of this can be that we lose touch with the parts of ourselves that are most precious. We become estranged from ourselves. Muscle tension restricts our emotional life - We hold in, hold down and hold back our energy, our feelings and our inner knowing at a high price. Although the tension at one point may have been useful in enabling us to survive crises, and literally hold ourselves together, it can easily become self-defeating and restrictive if allowed to become a chronic condition. Unexplained aches, pains, and tiredness, is often the body's attempt to manage underlying emotional dilemmas. Tension masks the truth of who we are - even from ourselves. It builds up over time in response to stress and difficult situations. It starts as a protection but becomes a barrier to intimacy and consciousness.

“Relaxation is who you really are, tension is who you think you should be”- Old Chinese Saying.

Who is Rosen for? This method is for people interested in experiencing more of who they authentically are and can be. Rosen Method is a wonderful tool for when we are at a point in our lives, when it is safe to let go of some of our unconscious physical tensions and constricting habits or patterns. In letting go of the old we make space for new possibilities. It is a way of using touch and heart-felt connection for physical and emotional health. It fosters well being, self knowledge, personal creativity, clarity and peace. From this place of trust, it is possible to experience where mind, body and spirit meet.

If you are interested to read more about it you can find several articles I have written about it on my website

Fee for workshop: $75 (includes art materials) whereof $25 is due with registration by May 8th ( Limited number of people accepted due to space and the nature of the workshop.)
Kerstin (401)848-0288

Location: Zettmar studio, 2nd floor of Newport Congregational Church, 73 Pelham Street( Corner of Spring St) in Newport, RI

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Upcoming events
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Upcoming events

Acesssing The Deep Well

Treat yourself to a day where the intention is for you to connect to yourself on a very deeo level via Rosen method Body/Soul work, Guided Light Trance ecercises and Expressive Art. This is for men and women interested in accessing inner symbolic and metaphoric images, similar to dream images, to be used and integrated in personal growth work. Facililtator Kerstin Zettmar.

To register contact: Kersin at

Preregistration fee is $50 by February 10th by calling - 4018480288

Location Zettmar Studio, 73 Pelham St. Newport RI O2840

Total cost of $100 includes materials

Kerstin Zettmar is certified in The Rosen Method, Past Life and Regression Hypnosis and in Expressive Art.

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