Synchronicity and the temporarily orphaned painting.

I want to share something that happened, Christmas time, 9 years ago:
We were in Sweden, spending the Holidays with my family. My brother and his wife had just remodeled the house and changed the decor and told me one of my paintings no longer fit in their living room. Did I want it back? It was a large painting about reincarnation I had done when I was 20 years old. Too large to fit in a suitcase. I told my brother it would not be practical to bring it to the USA, but please do not throw it out. We'll figure something out. In the meantime he put it in his garage. Arriving at my parents house, they asked me and my brother to go through the attic and discard things we no longer needed or wanted and take the rest with us, as they were clearing things out. I found a small wooden box of mine, containing photos of boys I had liked through the years. I was surprised to see 3 photos of a guy, Lennart, I dated only for 6 months when I was 21. I wondered to myself how his life had turned out and what he was up to now, some 25 years later.
When I returned to the USA, I had gazillions of e-mails to sort through. Guess if I was surprised when one of them was from Lennart!!! He said he had Googled me, found my website and was happy to see I was still doing art. He had a black and white drawing I had given him, framed and up on his wall, but his favorite painting of all times was the one I had made about reincarnation! I told him as chance would have it, it had just become available. Was he interested in purchasing it? He responded he probably could not afford it. I gave him a price he could not refuse, and 3 months later when I was back in Sweden, we met for coffee and made the transaction. We had a lovely time catching up and I was proud to see what a good man and father he had turned out to be. All this reaffirmed my sense of how we are all connected. Isn't life just amazing!!?